I’m sure you know the platforms where you can find online trainings and online videos for a low price and even for free. LinkedIn Learning, YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera…

These might be interesting platforms for you. If you have high level products and you want to use your low-priced online product for lead generation, marketing or branding. But if you want to create a massive recurring income stream with your online training, this is not the way to go.

Due to the content inflation, participants are not willing to pay (much) for content nor training. However people are willing to pay good money for high value and tangible results. Here are some tips on how to create value.


Know your audience, know their frustrations and problems. Then offer a solution to the biggest, most pertinent and acute problem. Make a promise and demonstrate proof that you can deliver. Your words are cheap while happy clients video testimonials are valid social proof. Make sure your target audience can identify with or relate to the results of these clients.


If a participant enrolls in your high level online program, make sure to connect. Have an intake session, this can be both one on one or in group. Be available to answer personal questions or make sure you have a team to do this. Keep motivating your participants to take the next step in the training and to move forward. Give personal attention throughout the process. Show that you genuinely care for them and for their purpose.


Some people like to go through a training process on their own at their own pace. Others find it valuable to do this together with others, to exchange and share experiences. Learning together is often motivating, participants help each other and keep each other accountable. A safe learning environment is a prerequisite. Develop a clear positive and constructive code of conduct. Does not shy away from removing certain members from the learning community if necessary.


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Published On: July 5th, 2021 / Categories: Publishing, Training /