Do you know the biggest pitfall when making online content?

Last year we have been training thousands of people and this was the most common mistake: Start producing before you are ready.


Be aware there is a huge difference between pushing the record button on your camera and making a video with impact. Preparation before producing is key. Not only will you create more impact with your video, you are going to save time and money in the process.



The 5P model shows you the 5 steps to take in order:

– to get results with your online content

– to produce in the most effective way



First of all you need to define your PURPOSE. What is the main objective of your communication? Why do you make this content? Who is your viewer? What is it that the viewer should think or do after watching your content? Be sure to have 1 primary objective for 1 primary audience? If you have more you might have to make more content. Check what types of content are best fit for your purpose. Most people think about video first. Sometimes a checklist, eBook, audiobook, quiz, podcast… or livestream is a better fit. Remember the big picture and your overall strategy. Develop your media mix, both online and offline, that is most suited for your purpose.


Second step is to PREPARE your content. With your purpose in mind, you choose and finetune your key message. Take your time to create a clear structure or storyline. Only then you can start with writing your text or script. To capture the attention and engage your viewer is a new skill to learn. Presenting in front of the camera is very different from presenting for a live audience. You need to learn how to use your voice while speaking into the microphone, how to use facial expressions and body language.


In the third step you PRODUCE your media. You choose your overall look & feel. You design your graphics and visual supports. You record and edit videos, podcasts and animations. If you create a lot of content you might want to build your own mini-home studio to get started. If you want to have it done professionally, use studios that are build and equipped for this type of production.


In the fourth step you PUBLISH. You set up your media channel, membership site or learning platform. There are many tools and software solutions out there. Make sure that your media are managed and hosted on reliable and secure servers. If you want to build a community the interactive features of your software are vital. Once you go that road, you will need procedures, and a team, to communicate effectively with your community.


And then it’s time to PROFIT and to enjoy the results, both for you and for your audience. Collaborate with the right partners to launch your product. Start an online campaign and set up an automated marketing system. Do a press release and be available for journalists. Once everything is up and running, you can scale your online sales system to generate a recurring income.

With these 5 steps you will go from Purpose to Profit in the most effective way possible.


If you want to get started, just download the 5P checklist.

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Published On: March 5th, 2022 / Categories: Production, Professionals, Publishing, Training /